Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to Lose Your Genius Status

Here is a sure fire way to lose your genius status.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Oil Ready for a Fall?

Over the next sixty days the oil market sells off on average 5%.  This gives us a tremendous trading edge.  We think that sell off started on Wednesday Night, and we plan to trade oil short until Thanksgiving.

The oil market has sold off every fall except one since 2007, and based on the market structure of the oil market looking out one year tells us speculators are now losing money holding oil off of the market.  All of the land storage facilities around the world are at max capacity, and oil is being stored on ships.  Storing oil on ships is very expensive.  The price of oil one year later needs to be $10 higher to allow that trade to work.  Right now it is up only $4.  This is a recipe for disaster and oil needs to fall to $45-$6 to allow that trade to work again.

In fact, we just read that Nigeria is the first to concede this fact, and have dropped their price a dollar below spot.  Others will follow.  Also, the U.S. shale producers have just locked in a great deal of their production for next year at $15 over their costs.  That means we will be producing flat out for the next six months.

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